Hellooooo my gorgey friends!! I'm stoked to dive into a blog post about PODCASTS. What a fun topic. Man oh man. Loooooove me a good podcast. 

There's literally nothing I love to do more while crafting than to listen to podcasts! I used to watch a lot of Netflix during my weaving sessions, and I still love to sometimes (especially throwing on The Office because it's not a distraction since I essentially know it by heart LOL). However, like anybody, I can get so engrossed in TV that it distracts me from what I'm doing...but I feel like podcasts are actually the exact opposite! I get so into it that I dig deeper into the creative process. WIN! 

I'm always into hearing podcasts people love and recommend, and I know you probably are too! SO, allow me to share my absolute favorites, my RIDE or DIE channels with you, and please share your favs in a comment on this post! <3

1. KINZCOWORLD - If you are a business owner in any capacity, STOP WHAT YOU'RE DOING and binge listen to this podcast!! I cannot get enough of Kinzie's energy. She has the absolute best advice I've ever encountered for business, marketing, mindset, and branding. Without fail, every episode I listen to I feel 1000000% motivated to get shit done immediately because of her actionable steps and excited energy. Basically, I worship this girl and all she stands for.

2. OPRAH'S SUPERSOUL CONVERSATIONS - I can say with absolute surety that this podcast has made me a better person and has expanded my worldview tremendously. If words could wrap your soul up in a big warm hug, that's this podcast. Can't tell you know many insane spiritual breakthroughs and epiphanies I've had. I literally have a lil notebook next to me to write down the gold nuggets I get while listening. Guys, Oprah might be God???

3. HARRY POTTER AND THE SACRED TEXT - My HP lovers, welcome to heaven. This podcast goes chapter by chapter of the books and analyzes each of them from a different theme. We're talking about DEEP digging and I'm absolutely here. for. it. The episodes have legitimately made me cry, laugh, and explode my love for Harry Potter. You will look at it all in an entirely different, achingly beautiful, woke, obsessed way.

4. DR. DEATH - I know I've got some crime podcast lovers out there. This is hands-down the best crime/story podcast I've ever listened to. Dr. Death is the story of a corrupt spinal surgeon who ended up being the first physician ever taken to criminal trial for the way they practice medicine. It's juicy. It's cringy. It's mind-blowing. It's thrilling. It's UNREAL. Just listen. 

5. MANIFESTATION BABE - Earlier this year I came across this podcast and it opened up to me a whole magical world. If you've never heard of manifestation, are new to it, or love it like your bae, I'd recommend this podcast. I know there are tons out there but I just can't help loving this one for how she breaks things down, covers so many topics, and answers any question you could have. Good good stuff. 

Remember to leave a comment with your favorites and I, your friendly neighborhood podcast addict, will 100% check them out. 

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