Hey squad!! First real blog post! I have always loved blogging so this is just another fun way for us to be besties in this LoomGhost community ;)

Okay SO. First item of business. I have an announcement!! This is huge. Sooo freaking stoked to tell you that in just 2-ish weeks, WE ARE MOVING [BACK] TO UTAH!!

Tiny backstory: we - my husband, furbabies and I - have been living in Alabama for the last three years. We moved out here when my husband got accepted to medical school. Now that he's in his fourth year, things are vvvvv flexible so we are able to move back! We couldn't be more thrilled this all worked out. Tbh, Alabama has not been our favorite...and we have missed Utah SO FREAKING much. 

The community in Northern Utah is super art- and small business-oriented. I can't wait to dig into that in a big way when we get home. We're talking markets, collabs, etc. The vision is realllll. Can't wait!!

Now that we are all pumped up on that excited energy, let's get into jewelry organizers! A little while ago I did a poll on Instagram asking you if your current jewelry situation was a huge mess organization-wise. About 75% of you voted yes. I'm right there with you, sister. Apparently the majority of us need an overhaul.

Since we are moving, I'm way invested in shedding all the pieces/decor in our home that don't totally excite me. My taste has changed over the years, and I'm DONE with hauling the (literal) baggage all over tarnation - especially because my jewelry holders are scattered and I've had the same stuff for years. I'm over it. Time for a refresh.

My criteria:
a. It's gotta be hella cute and chic
b. It better be functional and hold a LOT of jewelry
I am here to show you 10 of the BEST organizers I've found on my search for pieces that smash this checklist!

1. Elle Lacquer Jewelry Display Stand - Definitely super chic and I LOVE the little drawer. I'd display this on my dresser in a second.
2. Radial Jewelry Stand - Obsessed with this one. Probs my favorite and most my style. Freaking coolest and it has the cutest catchall dish!
3. Simmer Stone Rose Gold Jewelry Stand - Lots of room for jewels here, and the rose gold is a winner.
4. DIY Wall Jewelry Organizer - I'm absolutely crazy about this DIY option. It looks simple af to make and it has that rad mid-century minimalist vibe.
5. Opret Jewelry Organizer (set of 4) -Yes. Just yes. This reminds me of the 90s and is definitely the most organized option in this list. I'd probably put all my jewels in these boxes in a drawer, then have a separate stand on my dresser (like #2) with all my favorite pieces.
6. All Hung Up Jewelry Organizer - The reviews on this are amazing. You guys even recommended it on Instagram. It's totally adjustable and customizable to your needs! Neat!
7. Bagsmart Travel Organizer - I had to throw a travel option in here. Check out the ring holders! And it folds up real cute. 
8. Sriwatana Jewelry Organizer - Budget friendly and great for lotsa different types of jewelry.
9. Hanging Jewelry Organizer - Anthro gets me every time. I love how simple this is, and you could hang like a million necklaces on this (which I have).
10. BonMaxie Earring Holder - Ohhh man I just love these. A board with tons of perforations for your studs & danglers. Makes your earrings look like art!

I had so many runner-ups....If you guys want a one-stop-shop kinda deal, I'd recommend Anthro, Urban Outfitters, or Amazon. 

I'll be sure to update you on what I end up getting once we arrive at our mountainous home sweet home!! Til then, I'd love to hear your favorites from this list or if you have any other recommendations on what YOU love! Just leave a comment, boo.

And finally, once we have our beautiful organizers, it's time to stock that baby up with BLING. Click here to shop all LoomGhost jewelry.

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